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What is Dealership System?

It is a system that aims to share the infrastructure owned by Organik Haberlesme with its dealers and to make all corporate and individual enterprises profit. Organik Haberlesme aims to produce a more effective and quality service for existing and potential SMS users with its dealer network spread all over Turkey. You can log in to the system by filling out the necessary documents completely and correctly, you can set your own customers and tariffs, and you can receive your income as SMS or balance. All resellers use Organik Haberlesme's license and have no legal problems. If you want to add value to your business, join us right now.

Simple and Professional Dealer Panel

Manage all your customers in one place. You can also see all the details of your customers and make balance top-up requests. When you open a reseller account, you can use all our services and opening a reseller account does not cause any restrictions.

  • View Sales
  • View Customer Detail and Transactions
  • Balance top-up request for customer
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